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The R4Tech™ Suspension System

is designed to work as hard as you do, and to make your job easier. It's a patented hybrid suspension system that combines the adjustable load-carrying capacity of high-quality air springs with the solid foundation of leaf springs. Your vehicle will maintain its rated load capacity with greater comfort, vehicle control and features that you can put to use every day.

The R4Tech Suspension is available for chassis cab vehicles and cut-away vans. The system is also available for heavy duty pickup applications. We can also design an R4Tech system for front suspension applications and trailers – see Design/Build Capabilities for more information on how we can work with you to develop an R4Tech Smooth Suspension Solution that will provide comfort, control and capability.

Key features of the R4Tech Suspension System

Improved Comfort | Utilizing air springs for load-carrying capacity, the system has an adjustable spring rate. That means a better ride quality in all situations, and a much improved ride comfort with full or no load in your vehicle.

Safer Driving | The R4Tech Suspension system results in a safer-driving commercial vehicle. Better axle control lets the vehicle braking system do its job better. The load-leveling feature keeps the proper weight on the front suspension to maintain the front-suspension geometry, resulting in better handling and greater stability.

Self-leveling | The system automatically raises and lowers the rear suspension to maintain your desired ride height as you add or remove cargo or tongue weight.

Kneeling On-demand | With the flip of a switch, you can lower the rear of the vehicle up to six inches* for easier access in and out of the vehicle and better access to cargo. This feature can also be used to make connecting a trailer easier.

More Productivity | With an improved ride quality and better ergonomics, your vehicle operators and passengers will have less fatigue.

Ease of Installation | Whether you install the system at your facility, or contract it out, you'll appreciate the ease of installation. We design the kits to simply bolt in place, utilizing factory locations in the frame. We provide all of the hardware and connectors that will be necessary.

The R4Tech Suspension system was designed using the same engineering tools and standards used by your vehicle's original manufacturer. Read more about what the system can do for your business on the pages specific to your industry.

*Depending on specific kit and application